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Computer Repair and Desktop Computer History


Desktop computers have been the ‘standard’ computer since the 1970s.  Before the 1970s, if you were lucky enough to even use a computer, your computer was a dumb terminal was connected to a powerful computer that was in a special room or on a really big table. Computer repair was required much more frequently, and to perform computer repair at that time required many specialized tools and big bulky equipment. The 1970s saw start of the PC revolution, and the desktop computer was born. At that time, a computer that could fit on your desk was considered tiny.   Desktop computers were the main type of computer until 2008 when laptops became more popular than desktop computers. However, they are still the most popular computer owned today. Desktops have same kind of problems as other computers: they can freeze randomly, crash, have limited connectivity, and be infected with viruses just the same. Troubleshooting a computer may be overwhelming and confusing, but with proper computer repair and maintenance, your desktop computer can run well for a long time.




desktop computer repair - replacing harddrive
  • Your desktop computer feels like it is slow
  • You connection to the internet with your desktop computer fails
  • Advertisements and popups suddenly show up on your monitor
  • You see the “Blue Screen of Death” (a blue screen with lots of text)
  • Your desktop computer overheats or feels really hot
  • You hear beeping from your desktop computer
  • Your desktop computer won’t stay on or your computer will not even start
  • Your desktop computer reboots unexpectedly
  • You see jumbled or garbled graphics and text on your desktop


  • Why does my computer have no sound?
    If you cannot hear anything on your computer, you may have a bad sound card.  We can repair this by replacing or adding a new sound card to your computer.
  •  Why are there so many ads on my computer?
    If you are seeing a lot of ads and popups, you might have a virus or installed some malware onto your desktop computer. See our page on how to malware removal.
  • Why does my computer freeze randomly?
    Random computer freezing can be caused by several things—a hard drive starting to fail, your graphics card overheating, bad RAM, or even the result of an infection.  Often this sort of computer repair can happen remotely or in person.  Schedule desktop computer repair
  • Why does my computer crash when I play games?
    If your computer is turning off while gaming, you could have a problem with your video card or part of your desktop computer overheating.   Make sure your computer has a lot of air around and remove all the dust from the inside.  If that does not fix the problem, contact us to help with your graphics card repair
  • Do I need to fix my desktop right now?
    Not necessarily. If you can use it as normal, don’t worry about it and watch your finances. If your desktop is unusable, it won’t get better on its own. Call a professional.
  • Which part of my computer is the desktop?
    Many people think of to their monitor, or screen as their computer. A monitor actually just takes the signals from the computer and displays it for you to see—just like a TV.  The monitor doesn’t do any computing itself. The big box with the ports is the desktop computer; that’s the one that does all the work.
  • Do I still need a desktop?
    Laptops, smart phones and tables can do a lot of what a desktop computer can do. If you just browse the web, send email, and watch online content, then a tablet or smart phone may be fine. If you also edit documents and photos, and maybe do your taxes, you don’t need a desktop; a laptop can do all those functions. If you do more complicated tasks like editing video or complicated spreadsheets a powerful desktop computer may work better for you.



Fixing your desktop is a complicated process and requires considerable investigation. Look at the related services to see if you can be more specific. If your computer is beeping, consider looking at motherboard repair. If your computer is overheating, look at fanreplacement. If your internet is slow, you should probably check out our internet help page.


Tech Marvel Computer Repair offers high-quality desktop in Morris County NJ and in the surrounding towns. Check out our list of locations for on-site and in-home repairs.  We also offer online repair everywhere. If your problem is software-related, we can probably fix it without ever seeing you face-to-face. Give us a call or contact us for desktop computer repair!



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