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You Know Your Business. Tech Marvel Knows Technology.

Technology helps your business run smoothly in the fast paced, 24/7 global market place we live in.   Computers, networks, servers, land lines, mobile devices, copiers, printers and scanners are all connected and working together to share data.  The end result?  Linking you and your employees to your most valuable asset, your customers.

You need an expert on your side that, not only, understands your needs, but also, understands technology.  You need Tech Marvel.

Why Tech Marvel?

With over 25 years of experience with computers, networks and software we know how quickly things change.  Today’s new and exciting tools may be tomorrow’s gadgets of the past.

As the business environment changes, your company’s technology needs change with it.  Other companies put “band aids” on problems and attempt to call them solutions. In reality, they are quick fixes that over time actually become pervasive problems.  On the contrary, our solutions are strategically thought out and efficiently executed.  At Tech Marvel, we start with your vision of the future and incorporate timeless quality solutions to ensure your business is equipped for tomorrow.


Save Money With Tech Marvel

You do not need full time IT staff to get high quality IT results.  All you need is Tech Marvel.  We have a wide array of IT skills and experience.  We provide a full spectrum of IT services from maintaining your existing systems to strategically planning future upgrades in addition to developing disaster recovery plans.  Save your business money by leveraging Tech Marvels’ expertise in these areas!

Would you trust a person who says the only way to fix your flat tire is to buy a new car?  Of course not.  Many times, other IT companies will recommend upgrading a computer or replacing hardware when proper maintenance is all that is required.   A properly maintained computer or network can last two times longer than a system that was not properly maintained—and that means saving money for your company.

Working with your company, Tech Marvel will devise a “Technology Map”.  The Technology Map is a strategic plan that integrates, your company’s existing technology with current and up-and-coming technologies to achieve your company’s goals.  This process ensures that the proper technology is deployed at the most advantageous time thereby saving money and decreasing needless hardware purchases.

Disasters happen—a room floods, a server breaks, a cable gets cut, the Internet connection goes down, a thief breaks into your office, an angry employee deletes all your files…we’ve seen and experienced it all!  Planning for a future disaster is just as important as planning for future success.   A good disaster recovery plan will allow your business to be up and running with minimal downtime.  Why spend months recreating files and reentering data when all you need is Tech Marvel.

Increase Productivity with Tech Marvel

Increasing productivity does not mean hiring more employees or making each employee work harder.  Increasing productivity means employing the right tools to get each person working as efficiently as possible.  Tech Marvel will evaluate your current tools and suggest new ways to improve productivity in order to maximize business results.

Tech Marvel proactively engages with you and your company to ensure a seamless operating environment.  When problems do arise, Tech Marvel understands your business needs and is there the same day to resolve issues!  Our quick response and efficient problem solving capabilities keep your company up and running.  There is no wasted downtime as your company will always operate at maximum capacity with Tech Marvel.


Tech Marvel provides a wide variety of business services and solutions for your business.  Some of our services are:

  • Network security
  • System Administration
  • Computer Installation and Upgrades
  • Virus removal and virus/malware protection
  • Performance tuning hardware and software


Find out How Tech Marvel Can Help You!

Schedule a Free No-obligation Technology Evaluation and find out how Tech Marvel will make your business succeed.


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