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Computer Repair

With Tech Marvel on-site computer repair, our professional staff will answer any questions, resolve all problems and leave you with smile on your face. Computer Repair and Desktop Computer History Desktop computers have been the ‘standard’ computer since the 1970s.  Before the 1970s, if you were lucky enough to even use a computer, your computer was […]


Keeping your computers and networks running 100% of the time is one the goal of reliability.  To do this we use a combination of redundant systems, virtual/cloud based systems, and disaster recovery systems.     Below are a sample of some ways we can make your computers reliable and your networks reliable Create redundant systems to eliminate single […]

Computer Repair and Computer Solutions

At Tech Marvel, when it comes to computer repair and computer solutions we believe in SRP Security Reliability Performance To find out more detail about each area, please click on the link below: Security Computer Security Network Security Reliability Redundant Fault Tolerant Systems Virtual Desktops and Virtual Applications Disaster Recovery Performance Optimize existing systems Strategically […]


Nonprofit and Tech Marvel – A Winning Combination Nonprofits have the many of the same concerns as a business but with a bigger financial strain.  That’s why Tech Marvel is here!  Our extensive experience with nonprofits across a wide spectrum of demographics makes us the perfect partner for your nonprofit. Why Tech Marvel? With over […]

Computer Repair, Support and Serives for People

When you have problems, Tech Marvel has the solutions. More and more, your life is becoming integrated with computers, phones and other devices.  Any interruption can cause frustration and impact you in ways you never would have expected.   You can go to big box retailers for help, but the result is wasted time, costly […]