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Computer Security and Network Security

To protect your existing systems, Computer and Network Security requires a wide range of skills. Below are some examples of the cyber security features we provide: Configure Firewalls & VPNs to keep you and your networks free of intruders Install & configure antivirus/anti-malware software Configure permissions and passwords to decrease the chance of something unintentional […]


Nonprofit and Tech Marvel – A Winning Combination Nonprofits have the many of the same concerns as a business but with a bigger financial strain.  That’s why Tech Marvel is here!  Our extensive experience with nonprofits across a wide spectrum of demographics makes us the perfect partner for your nonprofit. Why Tech Marvel? With over […]

Small Business

You Know Your Business. Tech Marvel Knows Technology. Technology helps your business run smoothly in the fast paced, 24/7 global market place we live in.   Computers, networks, servers, land lines, mobile devices, copiers, printers and scanners are all connected and working together to share data.  The end result?  Linking you and your employees to your […]